The Other Side of Beauty

Whether you believe in creation by a God or through evolution, we all know, that physically, we all have our unique attributes, height, weight, hair colour, skin colour and so on. Each of us have a distinct finger print. Each group of people, by tribe or race, have certain features distinct from those of other groups. Physically, we have so many things that make us different. So by physical standards, not all of us may have the features generally considered to make one ‘beautiful looking’. As a result, when we identify beauty with those physical qualities, we tend to classify ourselves and others as beautiful or ugly or some shades in between. Much as we have grown in technology and advanced in medicine (plastic surgery to be precise) and can alter some of those features of our bodies that we are not happy with (not without costs), when we classify ourselves based on looks, it puts a limit to our potentials by affecting our self esteem.

But when we look inside, for other defining features of beauty, we see a totally different picture. We begin to see that we have more similarities than differences. No matter what part of the world we are from, there are certain ‘human’ characters we all share. Not the colour of our eyes, not the length of our hair, not our height, not any physical attribute. Rather we have in common tendencies to be kind, grateful, generous, loving, truthful, just as much as we have tendencies to be wicked, stingy or selfish. These are the things that actually determine the type of life we live, what we get from life, how we relate with others and how together, we shape our world. These are in reality, what define the inner and more important beauty of a person or the lack of it. And luckily for us, these are things every person in the world has the choice (or not) of having. That means, when we define beauty by these standards, each and every one of us has equal chances of being beautiful regardless of what one looks like. It makes beauty easily achievable. We only need to build on all of our good qualities and try as much as possible to have as few bad qualities as possible.

You don’t have to live your life cursing your genes that have defined how you look and your family that have given them to you.  You don’t have to look in the mirror to feel beautiful. You don’t have to be physically appealing to be beautiful. You don’t have to change any of your physical features or hide them to feel beautiful.

Take a look at your close friends. How many of them did you become friends with because of how they look? How many did you become friends with because you share certain qualities and likes with? Or may be just because at a point, they came into your life by being nice and helpful? When you have problems, do you go to a family member or friend who is the most good looking or to the most kind and accommodating? When you were choosing a spouse or partner (looks can be attractive too I know) did you choose to stay with them over all others because of how they look or because of how they treat you?

Which is more important then?

In the same way you prefer to be surrounded by good rather than good looking people, so also others have the same preferences towards you. Your beauty is from the inside my dear, the most important part of it at least. The beauty that draws you to others. No amount of physical beauty will guarantee  a fulfilled, happy life for those who are devoid of the good qualities that give inner beauty.

That is not to say that physical beauty does not matter. Rather, physical beauty alone is not what is most important as it is being portrayed by most people.

We can all be beautiful regardless of how we look. Be true to yourself, search yourself and correct yourself. Find out your beautiful qualities and nurture them. That is sure to leave you feeling beautiful rather than just looking beautiful.

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