Firefleyes from Megan Kennedy on Vimeo.



We believe that childhood should be a time of dreams, visions, and creativity. We believe that children should be told that their lives are important and that they possess incredible potential–that they matter.


We believe that a child’s life should never be about surviving, but about thriving. Childhood should be a time of whimsy, of freedom, and joy. Yet children around the world are being robbed of it every single day.


That’s why Firefleyes was born.


Firefleyes exists to empower children by unleashing their potential through the creative arts. We’re partnering with existing orphanages to build creative arts centers around the globe. These centers are spaces for children to create, dream, imagine.


They’re places where children are told that they matter and that their dreams matter. It’s not about creating the next generation of artists, or athletes, or dancers; it’s about empowering children to imagine a life beyond mere survival. It’s about creating space for children to grow and become leaders and world changers.