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CREATION NATION- Contribute to our first creative arts center in Swaziland

Firefleyes’ first major campaign is happening right now! Our first “Creation Nation” creative arts center, will be built at El Shaddai, an orphanage in Swaziland, Southern Africa. The land has been cleared, plans have been drawn up, but we need your help to make this dream become a reality! In addition to donating specific amounts towards the center through our “DONATE” button, here are a few other ways you can get involved:

Donate Supplies:

If you would like to make a financial donation to the Creative Arts Center, donate via paypal under the ‘donate’ tab and supplies will be purchased to fill the space! Your donations help to replace, fix, or replenish the supplies for each room on a regular basis.

Adopt a room:

You can adopt a room if you have a passion for music, art, dance, or sports and would like to invest in that specific room. Adopting a room provides an opportunity to not only build the room, but to also contribute to the ongoing needs of that specific room. Imagine having a room filled with your very own passion on the other side of the world that YOU made happen!

Hold an event:

Do you belong to a dance studio or a dance team? Are you a member of a sports team? Are you in a music ensemble? Are you an artist?

Hold an event that will connect your passion to another child across the world. Your event will give children the ability to imagine, dream, and create!