After an initial vision trip to West Africa in 2009, Firefleyes was born. Founders, Bethany and Regina, came together at a crossroads in their ministries to discover they both believed in the power of children living in poverty finding their passion and drive in life. Firefleyes believes in this reality, in the power of a dream and the hope of the future.

Firefleyes strives to meet spiritual holistic needs for children as they use the creative arts to empower their dreams. Through this we desire to contribute to their well-being and personal development, eradication of poverty amongst young people by igniting passion and freedom, peace-building, recognition of culture, and their identity in Christ.

Creativity is key to young people’s sense of fulfillment and well-being. Creativity promotes resourcefulness, imagination, develops confidence, self-esteem motivation, ability to generate new ideas and opportunities, ignites new found passions and dreams in the heart of a child, and adapts a child to look at the world in alternative ways, to cope with change, to communicate successfully, to understand and express ideas, values and feelings, and to define who they are.

Young people today are the generation that will change this world. Poverty will be eradicated when the leaders of tomorrow are equipped with the tools to bring healing. Healing produces freedom and freedom produces a purposeful life. When children find purpose in their life, they will be molded into leaders with solutions and passion to rise up and change their community.