Creative arts matter

Have you ever picked up a paintbrush and then stopped, frozen in the moment, wondering what you might do next? Or a pencil, maybe. Have you ever opened to a blank page only to come to an abrupt halt, realizing your uncertainty about where to begin? Have you ever wanted to create something, build something, invent something wonderfully beautifully and new, only to realize you don’t have the faintest idea where to start? I have. I’ve stared at blank pages and pulled out paints and brushes only to stop at the thought of trying to create something from nothing. My desire is to make something utterly new that bursts with passion and originality, but then I remember that I don’t know what I’m doing. I haven’t learned the skills. I close the book and set aside the colors and ideas, and I stop. Defeated.

The creative arts are where we learn to be more than what we have seen, more than what we have been told, more than what exists. It is, in its essence, the very heart of our creative God. It is the very thing that teaches us that there is more within us to be known and explored, more within us to be given to the world. The challenge, however, lies in having the confidence to pick up the brush, the courage to learn and try, and the tools with which to express and create.

But with those things, those crucial elements on which we can stand and reach, we are given the opportunity to dream. We can imagine and invent and discover the things in us we want to add to the world, the things that have the capacity to create change. Our dreams have the capacity to spring into action and transform people and cultures, but we have to have the courage to turn them into action, to open the blank page and put something on it.

There are beautiful people and children in all of the nations spanning the globe, including our own, that haven’t had the chance to awaken the creative spirits inside of them and learn to dream. They carry the potential to change their homes and their nations, but they get the brush in their hand and stop, frozen and incapacitated, without a clue as to where to start. They don’t know how to create what has never been done, they don’t know how to build what they have never seen. It is there that the dreams cease.

We don’t want those dreams to cease.

That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing. We want to see children learn to dream. We want them to know that when they grab a pencil and paper they can create beautiful worlds from nothing. We don’t want them to put the paint away before they’ve begun to try. We don’t want them to stop dreaming before they’ve begun to push the limits of all the life they are capable of bringing. It’s not about the art, it’s about what creativity teaches humans to do. It’s about how creativity causes us to stretch our minds and souls to try and comprehend things beyond what our world has taught us. It forces us to make something new, explore some idea that we seem to have simply happened upon. It allows us to dream, and it’s the dreams that we are after.