Success Stories as told by our Clients.


“We hired Polestar Business Advisors to evaluate our business, and help in developing a long term plan for the future. They listened, and worked closely with us, to understand our business and goals, and provided the tools and expertise to assist us to implement the plan.

In addition, they helped us to better understand the business, and identified several programs that significantly improved our results last year. We were impressed with their approach and knowledge, and the plan has improved our direction and focus, and control of the operation.

They have also been a trusted advisor, assisting us through the year to exceed our goals.

I recommend Polestar Business Advisors to any business that wants a clear direction, improved business performance, and to achieve success.

“We engaged Polestar Business Advisors to assess our business, and develop a long term plan to grow and expand the business. They took the time to fully understand our business, challenges, and goals for the future, and worked with us to develop a detailed three-year strategic plan to help manage the business and measure our progress.

I was very pleased with the entire process, their professionalism and knowledge. I would greatly recommend Polestar Business Advisors to any owner that truly wants to grow, and improve their business.”

“As owner of Superior Trade Letterpress and Bindery Services, I hired Polestar Business Advisors to design, build, and implement our new website and marketing program. Don was very punctual with set appointments, extremely knowledgeable and creative with ideas, while at the same time, listening to our needs, as to how we wanted our website to appear.

Within a few days of launching our site, a new customer with an unscheduled job appeared at my shop. The customer explained that they saw our site and were very impressed. With the care that was put into our site, the customer knew that we would take very good care of his job.

I would highly recommend Polestar Business Advisors to anyone who is in need of upgrading their website and marketing plans with quality, and professionalism.”

“We engaged Polestar Business Advisors to help improve our business. They worked closely with us to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan, that included the re-branding of our business, an upgraded web site (including SEO), and a direct mail program that improved our market presence. In addition, they have continued to work with on the operational side, providing the tools, objective advice, and solutions, that has helped us to improve the efficiency, and profitability of the business.

Don Huttlin was very professional, and brought a wealth of experience and expertise to our business. He took the time to fully understand our business, and worked with us, as a trusted advisor, to develop and implement a program that is anticipated to exceed our objectives.

Polestar Business Advisors have been an asset to our organization, and will continue to work with us as our unbiased business adviser.

I recommend Polestar Business Advisors to all business owners that want to improve their business, and achieve their goals for the future.”

“Don and his company did a great job helping our company get to the next level of marketing and getting our name out there. We are lucky to have done work with a person like Don.  He is a very friendly, knowledgeable advisor ,who was always available to talk, and answer any questions we had. You can’t go wrong with an advisor like Don in your corner.”